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Richmond is one of the few cities along the East Bay that is not built out. We have an opportunity to build affordable workforce housing. And the ability to insist that developers work with local skilled trades who are paid prevailing wage to ensure the people building the housing can afford to live here, too.  

Public Safety

Richmond police work collaboratively with our residents to address neighborhood issues and improve safety. I support Cease-Fire and other community-based efforts to reduce violence in our neighborhoods. However, we must do more to institute preventative measures to tackle crime long-term and ensure future reduction in violence. This includes enrichment and recreation programs for our youth.  

Economic Development

I will advocate for local hire policies in economic development projects to bring more good-paying jobs to Richmond residents.  

I support more collaboration with business and government to take advantage of Richmond’s location on the Bay and the potential to bring more international trade through the city and to our local businesses. 

I am committed to creating a marketing team within City Hall to promote Richmond as a great place to do business and streamline red-tape to help new businesses locate here and grow.

I will search out opportunities to bring basic necessities like a grocery store, restaurants and gas stations to every neighborhood in Richmond.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our ability to provide adequate public services is dependent on a sound and balanced budget. Having a transparent government and a balanced budget is the foundation on which Richmond and our residents will thrive.

Advocate for our Neighborhoods

I am the president of my local neighborhood council and know the challenges and opportunities our neighborhoods face when presenting our concerns to City Hall. I will bring this perspective and leadership with me to the city council and am committed to listening to and advocating for all of Richmond’s residents.  

Healthy Environment

Ensuring every neighborhood has access to adequate parks and open space is a top priority.  

We can do more to create clean energy options for our residents and businesses, including installation of more charging stations for electric vehicles.  

I oppose rail transport of tar sand crude and coal through Richmond.




Richmond residents need access to a hospital, especially an emergency room.  I am already working with area hospitals and health care providers to advocate for the location of a hospital in Richmond.


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